Meet the Rileys

We would like to express our thankfulness to be blessed with such a beautiful place to live and the opportunity to share it with friends, guests, families and outdoorsmen! Thank you for taking the time to consider visiting Riley’s.

Miles and Michelle Riley, with their two oldest children, moved from Pocahontas, Mississippi in 1998 on a leap of faith to start this small Mom & Pop “home-stay.” Over the years and along the way, they have added five more children to the family and they are a working family where everyone does their chores and help all guests feel welcomed.

The Riley’s school from home and maintain a homestead lifestyle. A mini farm complete with goats, sheep, donkey, chickens, ducks and dogs enrich the practical life skills taught by the Rileys.

They are dedicated to Family, Community Life, Well Being and Good Labor. Belief in the Almighty (Father) and remembering His commands give them certainty in the salvation of Yeshua (Jesus) and sets the tone for their world view.  They desire to remember the Sabbath.

When the chores are all done and the guests are taken care of, you will find them on the river fishing, swimming, hunting, camping and enjoying life to the fullest. Thank you for your friendship, patronage and being a blessing to our lives. See y’all on the rivers!


What to Expect From a Mom and Pop Outfitter

Gracious hosting is paramount in our business! We want you to feel part of our extended family. Everyone arrives as a guest, most leave as friends and family. This is your home away from home on the White River.

Our hearts and our home are open to benefit our friends. We count it a privilege & blessing to share our family and this wonderful setting with you!


Facilities and Services

Eight cabins and luxury homes, well spaced out, offering privacy. No camp sites. No public RV sites. We do this for both of our benefit. We have time to help you make the most of your trip. Our small size affords us flexibility to share our years of knowledge and experience to get you up-to-date in the Ozark outdoors. Don’t feel like you’re imposing if you need help or advice. We are here to help and we love what we do!

The Rileys are outfitters. The use of Rileys services Trips are custom ordered to include River services and Lodging. The use of All trade practices with the Rileys are private & personal between your family/group and the Rileys.

All equipment is personally owned by Miles & Michelle Riley and they reserve the right to refuse equipment or services to anyone.


The Meaning of Riley’s Station:

Definition of Station: the place or position in which something or someone stands or is assigned to stand or remain.

The Riley’s station in life describes a cultural position where Miles & Michelle Riley, along with their children, find themselves fundamentally opposed to high society and it’s modern status quo living. Their family has a cautious and calculated approach to participating with Social & Media Technology and allowing themselves to be lead by renegade authority. 

They proclaim a rhetoric that supports honoring Almighty God and the need for loving their neighbors & families. The Rileys champion integrity, honest work and good moral character, especially good financial and sexual behavior.

The Rileys use their station in life along with their private home in Buffalo City to invite friends to experience the life of the Rileys as they outfit the White & Buffalo Rivers. 

The Rileys do not necessarily consider their lifestyle to be a business. We are privately supported by friends and other personal relationships.