Float Landing/Parking


Float Landing is Easy at Rileys Outfitter

Rileys is at the very end of the Buffalo River, and is the easiest LANDING spot and TAKE-OUT in Buffalo City.


>> View Rileys Take-Out Map
The LANDING RAMP is directly behind the DOCK. Drive your vehicle to the water’s edge and pick-up your gear.


Float Landing Fees:
$5 Landing Fee – Per Boat/Canoe/Kayak
Group rate by reservation/ Free Landing for Registered Cabin Guests
Free Parking


*** White River Warning ***
Cross current on the White River can be swift and cold due to hydroelectric generation from Bull
Shoals Dam. Do not allow motor boats to tow canoes from behind!! Canoes and Kayaks should be
tied parallel to boats when towing.


Water Level Phone Numbers & Web Links:
  • White River Generation Flow: (870) 431-5311
  • Tailwaters Schedule Hotline: (866) 494-1993, (Say “Bull Shoals” at prompt)
  • Check Buffalo River Levels


Rileys is not “authorized” to shuttle autos or equipment in or out of the Buffalo Nat’l River Park.
If you need shuttle service for your Buffalo River Float Trip, contact one of these concessionaires:


Buffalo River Float Service: (870) 449-2042
Dirst Canoe: (870) 449-6636
Wild Bill’s Outfitter: (870) 449-6235


Ask them to shuttle your vehicle to Rileys.