Cancellation Policy

A 14-day cancellation notice is required to have deposit refunded.

– Late cancellation less than 14 days may have deposit refunded if bookings are resold.
– If bookings are not re-sold, the deposit will be kept.
– If you are coming with a large group it is advised to take individual deposits from your group to get them committed for the trip so you do NOT have to cancel.
– Cancellations need to be made by phone, person to person.
– Phone messages or email cancellations are not accepted without a reply from us!


Rain Checks
Moving a DEPOSIT to a future date because of weather effects on outdoor activities.

– Bad weather or poor river conditions do not necessarily warrant a “Rain Check” or “Foul Condition Discount”.
– One of our jobs as outfitters is to help judge weather and river conditions for our guests.
– There are three weather effects that we focus on when determining “Rain Checks”, they are rain fall amounts, river levels and water clarity.


These conditions come and go quickly! In 24-48 hours, river conditions can be back to normal. Because of the nature of “Tail Water” generation from the dam…there are usually good fishing conditions above Crooked Creek in spite of river conditions in Buffalo City at Rileys. We go out of the way to help outfit the best river conditions.


A “Foul Condition Discount” for keeping your reservation may be offered in light of inclement weather and will be determined based on group focus concerning outdoor activities.


Please do not fully trust the weather channel forecasts! We understand that outdoor activities can be a primary focus for some groups. For other groups, outdoor activities are a secondary focus and weather effects are not a big deal. They are content with time and fellowship together at the cabin.