Ladies Trip: Glamping

Ladies Trip: Relax, Unwind and Get Your Glamp On

As women, we possess many roles and wear many different hats in those roles.  Our lives generally revolve around caring for others, coordinating schedules, working on our careers, and keeping everything running smoothly.  It is in our nature to put others’ needs before our own. Our roles are ever-evolving as we go through this journey of life. One day we are the carefree single gal then suddenly we are the mother facing an empty-nest. A hazard to our busy lives is that we can find ourselves feeling depleted and rundown.  One way to keep the giving tanks full is to put ourselves first and one good way to do that is a girls’ trip! 

The first step to having a woman’s trip is simply to let go of the guilt for wanting to get away from the daily grind.  Even when taking care of others is your life calling, rejuvenation helps to keep you from complete burnout. If you are running on empty, are you able to fully give 100% to those depending on you?  Most likely you are not. The away time does not have to be more than a night but it can be for several. The quality of the time away is more important than the quantity. 

Once you have given yourself permission to get away, all you have to do is find more ladies to go with you, pick the date, and figure out the activities for the trip.  Here is a good place to warn that planning and budgeting should be shared between the group members to avoid one person being stressed over it all! And, with larger groups, understand that not everyone will want to participate in all activities – and that is absolutely okay!  Remember, this trip will be about unwinding, letting go, and being free to come/go/do as you want. With smaller groups it will be easier to find activities that everyone will want to participate in. But with all group sizes, understanding the purpose of the trip helps to pick the destination.  Going to the beach when you want to go hiking in the mountains doesn’t make sense.  

A trip with just the ladies is becoming something more of the norm these days.  Look on social media and there are many ideas for such trips. Back in the day, a bachelorette party was just a one evening event.  Nowadays, brides and their bridal parties are taking the party on the road, spending days away together, celebrating the end of one chapter of life as it moves into the next.  Spa packages and wine tasting trips for the sisters, mothers, daughters, best friends, and old acquaintances can be found at destinations throughout the states. For those who are more adventurous or prefer outdoor events, a trip that has hiking, kayaking, fishing (guided or un-guided), or boating can be found at the tip of the fingers. If you know what you want to do, you can find a place and make a plan for it to happen. 

Rileys Outfitters makes for an excellent place to relax, unwind and enjoy your ladies trip. We will do our best to take the hassle out of planning. We offer different packages fitting the needs of any ladies trip! All you have to do is let us know what you are looking for and we will take it from there!

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