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Help Us Keep It Clean: White & Buffalo River

As everyone knows, our waterways have become more and more cluttered with litter. Actually, several million pounds of trash makes its way into our rivers, lakes, and eventually oceans. Here on the White and Buffalo river, an area where we have a moderate amount of visitors, finding trash every once in a while can come at no surprise. Here at Rileys Outfitters, we do our best to help keep the river clean, but it will take everyone’s help to maintain the rivers we know and love.

Why It’s Important

We are blessed to live at the convergence of these two beautiful rivers. Each one of them brings a completely different habitat to its visitors. Unfortunately, both of these habitats can be harmed by litter. Microplastics flood many of our waterways and kill fish by the thousands. The trout and smallmouth bass populations depend on us to protect them from these harmful microplastics. Not only does it harm the habitat and the wildlife within it, but it also takes away from the beauty of your outdoor adventure. Thankfully, as outdoorsmen, conservationists, and lovers of nature, we can come together and choose to make a change!

How You Can Help

Whether you are a regular out on the water or just a visitor, we want to make sure you enjoy your experience. So we ask that you do your best to control your waste while out on the water and dispose of it properly for the people after you.

Here are some tips for controlling your trash:

  • When you are out on a boat, make sure to bring along a trash bag. If you don’t have one, just ask us, and we can get you one! As a last resort, you can just designate one of your boats dry boxes as the trashbin and dispose of it properly when you make it back to the dock.
  • Most littering is not done intentionally, especially when the trash isn’t stored properly. If you find someone else’s trash in one of the rivers, net it up, and add it to your bag of trash.
  • Encourage others to take responsibility in their part of keeping the White and Buffalo River clean. 

Final Words From Rileys Outfitters

Rivers are the lifeblood of all of our major bodies of water. By protecting the White River and the Buffalo River, we are protecting other aquatic species in lakes and even oceans downstream. To do our part, we have made sure each cabin is equipped with what our guests need to dispose of your trash and recyclable aluminum cans. Our boat dock also houses trash and aluminum recycle bins to help reduce litter entering the rivers.

 Come down to Rileys Outfitters and rent a boat or a kayak for the day, and see why it is worth protecting this beautiful place we call home.

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