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White River Guided Fishing

We know days off of work don’t come often so you better make them count! That is why choosing to take a White River guided fishing trip with Rileys Outfitters is a great choice for your next vacation. Sure, you could simply rent a boat every day and go fishing on your own. Yes, you would catch plenty of fish. However, why not spend one or two of those days out with a guide and have a trip of a lifetime?

On these guided trips our number one goal is to get our customers on the fish. Usually, we would say to make sure our customer is happy is our number one goal. However, in this case, we all know catching fish and making memories is what puts a smile on your face. Guided Fishing trips from Rileys are great for a range of people: kids, those lacking in experience, men, women, grandparents, and even the most experienced anglers. So don’t be shy!

What To Bring On Your Guided Fishing Trip

Great news, you can pack light. You don’t need to bring every single fishing rod you own. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to bring one at all if you prefer not to! Feel free to meet your guide down at our dock with nothing but a good attitude. 

We supply the rods, tackle, and all the things necessary for a safe and successful trip out on the White River. However, we do suggest our guests bring sunglasses, a wide-brim hat, and sunscreen. The last thing you want to do is to cut your trip short because of something silly like a sunburn!

White River Guided Fishing

The White River offers some of the best fishing in North America. We mostly catch rainbow trout here on the White River, but we do come across big brown trout and beautiful cutthroat trout quite often. As we said, you can rent a boat and catch a lot of fish here at Rileys Outfitter, but adding a guide with years of experience, you can take a normal trip and turn it into one you will never forget. 

Booking Your Fishing Trip

Lastly,  laughter and smiles come at no shortage here at Rileys Outfitters. Each one of our guides has stand-up personalities and tons of far fetched fishing stories to tell. So if you are looking to have a good time out on the river catching fish and swapping stories, give us a call to book now or get any questions answered. You can also check out our “guided trips” page under the “river services” tab for more info on pricing and other details. 

We highly suggest that you spend a few nights here at one of our eight cabins so you can enjoy everything the White and Buffalo River has to offer. Whether it is a guys fishing trip, a women’s getaway or couples retreat we are sure to have a cabin for you! After spending a day learning all the tricks from one of our guides feel free to rent a boat and try your hand at fishing the river on your own. We can even offer pointers on the best ways to wrangle in those smallmouth bass on the Buffalo River. We also offer kayak and canoe rentals for those trying to get the full Ozark experience.

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