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There is something about getting out on a boat that is good for the soul. For thousands of years, mankind has been using boats for exploration, war, leisure and the transportation of goods. Boats have also had a huge role in the historical makeup of the United States. As many people know in 1442, the Americas were discovered thanks to three ships on a failed mission to discover a new trade route between Europe and India. Now in our modern society, we have evolved these once man-powered wooden canoes into tools and toys that are a driving force in our economy.


Before Google Earth and the use of modern technology, the United States had to use different modes of transportation to get out and map the country. When doing this physical land makes were used to mark boundaries and help divide the land. Most of the times these boundaries were waterways such as the mighty Mississippi River. To better map, these waterways boats were used to travel down them. Later these waterways were treated like early highways used to transport people and goods to townships and ports along their path.


As stated before the transportation of goods has played a huge role in the development of the United States. From early on when America was just a few colonies they took advantage of the fertile soils and shipped their goods back home to Europe. Now America and many other countries have developed large ports where billions of dollars are ship to and from. However, now more than ever boats are being used for the enjoyment of man. 


Mankind has always used boats for leisure since they have been around and we still do to this day. In America, there is a large market of boats that are specifically made for hobbies, such as fishing and hunting boats. These state of the art boats can be high dollar however and expensive to maintain.

That is why Rileys Outfitter gives the option to rent out boats, kayaks, and canoes. We know not everyone has the time to get out on the water to justify owning a boat. We do however believe that getting out on the water is good for a person. Whether you want to fish the White River, spend your day on a kayak/canoe, or use a boat to get to your favorite swimming hole on the Buffalo River we have you covered. 

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